Tap into the frequency of confidence and abundance.  

A monthly membership for soul-aligned business owners to strengthen your intuitive business compass and develop a deep appreciation for self, reverence for the life you want to lead, and the trust that you already have everything you need to have it all!

I'm ready to SHINE!

"So, Trish, how do I create a brand that people will love?" 

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If you ever find yourself thinking....

I need to get visible if I’m ever going to scale this business to create more impact, but it feels overwhelming...

But I have no idea what to post on social media, I hate the way I look in pictures. I’ll just wait to take my brand photos until I’ve lost the weight...

I know I can help more people + I listen to all.the.podcats, I know what I *should* be doing to market my business but I just don’t feel comfortable on camera...

I mean who is going to take me seriously anyway...

I know exactly how you feel...

(that's why I hung up my stylist-to-the-stars badge and left my Counseling practice behind)...

To support women like YOU in -

 Curated Confidence! 

I used to help Ariana Grande, Kerry Washington, and Zendaya work the red carpet (you have more in common with these ladies than you may think)…

We are all trying to create impact, leave the world a better place than we found it. The only thing is... they had a gang of support to help them get visible (PR), feel comfortable in the spotlight (glam squad), confident sharing their message (speaking coaches) + *whatever else - you name it*

It wasn’t long before I realized that it wasn’t celebrities that needed the most help…

It was the women who were serving clients with their whole heart  –  but didn’t know how to tap into *their* inner superstar to show up to create consistent visibility.

*That's why I have a MA in counseling*, because I knew it was partly about the clothes on our body BUT it's also about how you feel when you show up and share your gifts with the world!

Right now, you’ve already got everything you need to show up more powerfully and confidently in the world within you.

 With a *little* support from an intuitive, stylist (+ my industry connections - I'll hook you up just like Kerry) and confidence coach...

You can learn to truly put your gifts front and center and step into the spotlight – with magnetic confidence that never felt SO GOOD!

This is what I've been waiting for!

I want to invite you to picture a day in your business where you can…

Look in the mirror and adore what you see (you’ve officially jumped on the body positivity train)...

Jump onto Facebook or Instagram Live confidently - feeling supported with an undeniable knowing that your message needs to be heard from YOU! *While* cementing your brand authority ...

Step into the full expression of yourself, right now, because you feel safe to show up as your authentic self and are confident in the type of clients you are attracting with your magnetic energy, style, and branding...

Join the ranks of the online-elite, because you have the tools and mindset to pitch your dream opportunities (without breaking into a nervous sweat)...

Step on set to your next brand photoshoot or retreat knowing exactly what to wear to showcase your brand values (in an oh-so-flattering way)...

… With the intuitive guidance, confidence coaching, expert-stylist-support, accountability and judgment-free community to help you get there? 

You can embrace *everything* that makes you, YOU...

Welcome to:

Curated Confidence

A monthly sistermind that will help you learn how you tap into your *true* personality to amplify your brand message – and attract the connections, clients and consistent success you want, that’s in alignment with your values!

And it’s not just another how-to course that’s going to gather dust in your Kajabi account…

It’s not filled with light,fluffy promises of a Marie-Kondo-d closets and basic morning routines as the answer to your frenzied workday...

Because building your brand shouldn’t be a one size fits all model.

Go all in on what makes you, YOU!


Become a magnet for the life + clients you want to attract by confidently showing up online without worrying you’re going to say or do the wrong things.

You don't have to wait till your "ready"...

YOU get to feel worthy of your biggest dreams right now! Are you ready to show up for them?

So, here’s what you’ll receive in Curated Confidence:

Magnetic Brand™

The proven method that…

  • Builds your confidence so you can attract the people you want to work with + that NEED to work with you!
  • Takes the frustration out of showing up and creating consistent content.
  • Makes sure you never doubt the impact you are making in your client’s lives.
  • Focused aligned visibility systems that keeps your ideal clients engaged and coming back for more.
  • By the end… you’ll have brand photos you LOVE, a website that reflects YOU & a visibility plan to skyrocket your know, like + trust factor!


A framework that allows you to…

  • Finally feel ready to receive all the incredible things you are trying to manifest.
  • Step into your inherent right to be seen as a successful business owner or transformational leader and feel comfortable gaining more visibility.
  • Know that you are so so much more than what you do, you’re so valuable just as you are…

Expert Trainings

Continue learning the ways to most effectively communicate and attract your ideal clients and how to confidently take up more space without feeling overwhelmed.



  • Guest Experts
    • Copy Writing
    • Website Design
    • Funnel Strategy
    • DIY Profesional Photos
    • Video Marketing
    • Podcast Pitching/Building
    • Trusting your Intuition in Business
    • Collaboration
  • Visibility Strategies
  • Authentic Marketing Systems
  • Training Library

Story Selling Templates

Create consistent content with a daily guide to selling your services in a non-salse-y way… you’ll always have something to say and promote more authentic engagement.

  • Boost Engagement
  • Connect with Ideal Client
  • Transformational Selling
  • Daily Inspiration

Inspiration Integration

A collective mindfulness experience to ground the new ideas or shifts you are cultivating in your confidence. Create white space for inspiration to come through with…

  • Guided Visualization
  • Meditation
  • Tapping
  • Movement
  • Journaling Practices


Be invited to join a private FB Group where you’ll be able to practice showing up + sharing your magnetic brand transformations!

  • New Moon Intention Setting
  • Private FB Group
  • Live Q&A
  • Community Support

👆*This* a program unlike any other!👆

I know... because these are all the things that I wish I had when I was trying/failing to get visible + feel confident in my own skin.

I pieced all these jigsaw like pieces together to create a system that nurtured my growth instead of staying frozen like a dear in headlights every time I had the opportunity to speak up or show up.

This is how you strengthen your confidence muscle. I've curated all the things you need to 'faith it' till you actually feel excited, worthy, enough, beautiful, strong, aligned...

Ask yourself:

'How does my desire for change happen, if how I feel + what I do, stay the same?  

"I  LOVE working with Trish! I used to have so much anxiety around showing up! But stepping into my power and femininity has been the best part! And now I feel confident putting things together on my own and I feel amazing!" 

- Danika, Online Marketer

"Trish did an incredible job with the course! I feel infinitely more confident to show up online and create beautifully aligned visual branding. Thank you for giving SO MUCH value!

- Kristin, Health and Mindset Coach

Join Curated Confidence...

Shall we break the ice?

I’m Trish!

...former stylist to the stars, rain-lovin’ California girl, unapologetic introvert, enneagram 3, and gluten-free, chocolate chip cookie aficionado.

I am uniquely qualified to coach you on this journey because I’ve been in your shoes and learned how to embrace my gifts and get visible (at the most vulnerable time of my life) as a counselor, stylist, and former internet shy girl...

Three years ago, I never (in a million years) would have shared this photo of myself on the internet... let alone pose for a photoshoot on the very, public beach.

I would have wanted to waited till I lost "the weight", I would waited till I felt like I was "the expert", I would have waited till it was irrelevant because...

For the longest time, I wasn’t comfortable showing up with my truest, Trish-est personality.

I mean, I’d lie awake thinking about how…

I felt fat (I was 60 lbs lighter than I am now), and truly felt unworthy in my body…

I was *so* uncomfortable with any kind of attention (I’m an introvert to the core!), but I knew that VISIBILITY was a key piece of my success puzzle...

I felt like a fraud - who cared about my story…

I was terrified of posting on social media or using video (wouldn’t everyone judge me for it??)

But I knew that to make a powerful shift, I had to summon some all.the.courage to start using my voice – and showing up – as ME.

So I said goodbye to my celebrity client list, stopped hiding behind the scenes of my business and started creating content + serving from the heart.

And that's when I noticed a shift.

All of a sudden...

  • I started attracting my ideal clients (soul-aligned entrepreneurs who wanted to feel more confident too)...

  • I could create aligned offers *because* my audience became more specific and in line with who I wanted to serve (I created a signature method!)

  • I kicked my negative self-talk out the door and only let in the California sunshine (buh-bye, self-sabotage!)

  • I grew my sisterhood of entrepreneurs who have helped propel me towards success…

All because I recognized that in order to truly help the people I wanted, I needed to be rooted in a body that I loved and showing as the real, me.

And now I’m a confident, passionate, visible entrepreneur (I’m rocking Instagram stories daily  – Trish three years ago would be so proud)  – at a size 12!

So, while my days of choosing bling for Ariana Grande’s outfit at the VMA’s are behind me…

I’m rolling out a new, digital red carpet just for YOU.

Because I know what it’s like to feel alone and uncomfortable with how you present yourself to the world…

And I also know that in order to amplify your brand message, creating your unique visibility plan is a powerful part of the equation (while it's *partly* about the way you show up, it's *mostly* about the way you feel in your own skin)!

That's my big WHY for creating Curated Confidence!

And when you say YES to Curated Confidence, here’s what you’re *really* getting:

CONFIDENCE to trust that you are building the business you want, whatever path that looks like for you, because you are the only one who knows how to serve the way you do!

STRATEGIC SUPPORT to finally know what how to share your magic with the world - I believe "showing up" can be easy (if you’ve got the support of a sistermind behind ya!)

BRAND MESSAGING that speaks clearly to your ideal client   –  lead  with your core values and you'll find that you can never say the wrong thing to the right person!


Are you ready to answer your souls call and start showing up for the people who need you most?


When you say yes to CURATED CONFIDENCE...

You'll be starting the new year with fresh clarity and support to truly step into your highest calling in the new year!



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Get Visible + Feel Confident

  • Magnetic Brand™ Method
  • Worthy Framework
  • New Moon Coaching
  • Monthly Inspiration Integration Week
  • Live Q&A
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Marketing + Visibility Guest Experts
  • Training Library
  • Story Selling Templates
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Get Visible + Feel Confident

  • Magnetic Brand™ Method
  • Worthy Framework
  • New Moon Coaching
  • Monthly Inspiration Integration Week
  • Live Q&A
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Marketing + Visibility Guest Experts
  • Training Library
  • Story Selling Templates


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